Godot throwing errors with loading an existing scene

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So I loaded one of my projects (specifically the game_hud scene), and I get this error: Load failed due to missing dependencies: res://scenes/game_scenes/menu.tscn. When trying to load the menu scene, I get the same error message, only pointing towards the game_hud path (res://scenes/game_objects/game_needed_objects/game_hud.tscn). This error only just occurred now, last time there were no problems whatsoever (and I pushed to my Github repo). When pressing the “Fix Dependencies” button, the dialog that appears seems to have to missing references. Pressing the “Open Anyways” button just results in a generic popup saying “Error loading [scene_name]”. Even changing the references for the other scene still causes problems. Both of these resource paths are correct. Nothing in the actual .tcsn file looks off, (looked at this line in particular: [ext_resource type="PackedScene" uid="uid://b0kineuy6sdch" path="res://scenes/game_objects/game_needed_objects/game_hud.tscn" id="6_55l12"]), and a creating a copy didn’t help either. OS is Ubuntu 22.04. This problem has never happened before. Any pointers?

Edit: Looking at the error output, it seems to have failed to load every scene that I have.

I managed to get it to work by reverting to my last commit and remaking my changes. However, I still haven’t figured out why this happened.

always reload current project:
after you pulled from git

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