Godot Version 4.2.1, Tutorial "Your first 2D game", Help Needed

Godot Version

Godot Version 4.2.1


In the section “Spawning Mobs” the grid lines of the screen are not present in the editor to add the points. The toggle doesn’t turn it on. It only appears in the Player node. Not the Mob node or Main node and its children. Did I mess something up?

The grid can be hidden (it still works you just can’t see it)
You can show/hide it from the view menu in the 2D editor toolbar

Hello Cammymoop,

Thank you for your response. I have checked the Grid and Viewport toggles, plus adjusted the color to get it to show. It is not showing.

You are too zoomed out to see anything

I am sorry it is on a 4k tv screen. See if this is better.

No, I mean you are zoomed out in the editor. you are at 0.39% zoom.
Use ctrl-0 or the mouse wheel so that you’re zoomed in again, you’ll most likely be able to see the grid

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That fixed it. I can see the viewport now. Thank you.

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