Godot won't save my recently changed scenes

Godot 4.0 but ive tried every other version too

Every time I make a change and either close the scene window or start the game, it does not save

even using save as doesnt work, tried to make a new project and porting over my stuff over there but its still doesnt work

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Hello there!

Please make sure that you don’t save your project inside a directory that gets cleaned on boot (Temp, Tmp, Cache, caches).

If you’re doing this, Then open Godot with terminal (PowerShell, Bash) and check for any errors or bugs it prints, If it did print a bug or errors, make sure to report them to the official Godot GitHub repository!

If none of this works, check your device if it has any issues, Install antivirus, check your pc hard if it’s broken.

Cheers! <3

From experience, this happens because godot saves a remap file in the folder of the main scene on export. Delete this file, and the program will be forced to read from the actual scene file rather than a static reference.

From recent news, this issue has existed since 3.1 yet is apparently known.