Google Play export sign problem

Godot Version

Godot 4.1.1


I’m unsuccessfully trying to upload the game to Google Play and can’t find a solution. The problem is this: the Google console gives an error - “your aap bundle is not signed.” but I already created a keystore using keytool, indicated the path to it, login and password. I also tried to uncheck “export without debug report” but it gave an error when exporting. I tried switching from forward+ to mobile - that didn’t help either. thanks in advance

i have found my own mistake:
the problem was, that i just copy-pasted this command “keytool -v -genkey -keystore mygame.keystore -alias mygame -keyalg RSA -validity 10000” and then used wrong login name in export settings. - solution was - i should’ve use login written in this command, or edit it with my own. for example, i need to create keystore with this command and it will be: “keytool -v -genkey -keystore mygame.keystore -alias USERNAME -keyalg RSA -validity 10000” pay attention to word after “-alias” because it is actually is a “login” name for export settings in “release user” field. so this solved my problem. i spent almost 3 hours trying to figure it out… i hope it will help someone)

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