Gradle error export aab unable to copy and rename export file

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So I recently learn godot and when i build/export to apk (without gradle build), windows, linux it’s working, but when exporting aab using gradle build i have problem with gradle build,

i am following tutorial from godot Exporting for Android — Godot Engine (stable) documentation in English
i am using
godot 4.2.2
open jdk 17.0.11+9
gradle 8.7 (i also tried 8.2 , 8.8)

can anyone help ?

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The problem is because I exported it in common folders or in the root like c:\” or in folders where the user does not have permission to write, I recommend to create a new folder and export it there.

i don’t know why / how user does not have permission, because previously no problem,
but it works now
thank you