Guide me on how I can create a phone system

Godot Version

v4.2.2.stable.official [15073afe3]


I am trying to make a game that all takes place on a phone screen, like a phone simulator game where you can text people. I am relatively new to godot and coding, would it be possible to use the control nodes (specifically the button nodes) to swap to different screens on your phone. Example being you click on the “Messages” app and it takes you to the messages screen. I am hoping on doing this with the addon of dialogic but I am still struggling and would like some help!

of course this is possible. I would suggest to create a scene for every “App” on your “phone”. Then you can use the signals of your buttons (“pressed” for example) and change to the corresponding scene, if they are pressed.

Thank You! would the new scenes also need to be control nodes or can I get away with using 2d nodes, because I want to have a contact list for the messages you’ll send but I am not sure if I’d need a button node to make each one of those contacts their own separate scenes (I am guessing i do)

This is what I have so far, all the icons are buttons but no scene changer when I click them (yet)

They dont have to be Control Nodes, they can be every kind of node. If you want a clickable contact list, consider using something like the vboxContainer filled with buttons/texturebuttons or use a itemlist. There are a lot of control nodes and i can only encourage you to try them out and see what fits best.

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oh wow i can’t believe it’s been 9 days since i started this, i tried using dialogic for the longest time but honestly it sucks for what I am trying to do so I just need to figure out how to a phone text style dialogue

You can make a lineEdit where you can enter your message and when you press send, you just add a label to a scrollcontainer with the given message