Guides on creating Godot-friendly sprite animations

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Less of a question about Godot and more about art and animations in general.

Does anyone know of any good guides to get started with making game art? Pixel art seems like the easiest place to start. Is it easier to start with characters or tile maps first?

Are there guides on making sprite sheets that are easily imported into Godot? While getting familiar with the GDScript syntax I’ve been using random assets yanked from similar sprite-based unity games as placeholder animations till I figure out how to do them myself. Even with that, I managed to mess up the “Add frames from sprite sheet” panel and create animations that don’t consistently hold the character in place. If there are guides relating to getting that right please let me know.

Help here would be appreciated. Thanks!

The best way to make sprite sheets for godot is to have each sprite take up the same space, since godot can’t handle sprites that don’t.

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I like to add sprites with 32x32 pixels. You can sum plus 32 pixel width so would be 64x32. godot seems to know this standard.

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I’ve moved this topic to the help category. Tutorials is only for posting tutorials, not asking for them.

You can use a pixel art program to create the character and its animations, find a images to sprite sheet or keep the images separate and add them to an AnimatedSprite2D inside the CharacterBody2D.

You can call the animation like this:

extends CharacterBody2D

@onready var anim = &AnimatedSprite2D

—Your other code—

func some_func():“Some Animation Name)

Thanks. I’m familiar with getting animations to play in Godot. I’m not at all familiar with art and making good animations at all. I have a background working as a software engineer if that helps.