Happy Bacon Reloaded! (Android, iOS coming soon)

Happy Bacon Reloaded!


Recently I’ve released my game “Happy Bacon” on the Google Play Store

It’s completely ad free and free to play, since it’s a hobby project.

Why “Reloaded”?
Back then in my earlier days of game development, I’ve created “Happy Bacon” by using LibGDX. That was 2014 and almost about 10 years ago!
Since ever then I dreamed of recreating the game by using the Godot game engine, since it gave me many more possibilities and tools!
While back then you only had to dodge flying vegetables, I suddenly was able to extend my idea and introduce the “cook” which is just a hand, getting and throwing vegetables at the player which also have different behaviors during the gameplay.

I’ve added a simple leaderboard, where you can submit your personal score (if you have chosen a playername on the main screen).

I hope I’ve got you somewhat interested in this simple casual game. It will receive updates from time to time, introducing new vegetables and game mechanics!

iOS is still to be published, but will be.

(PS.: I wanted to add screenshots, but since my account is new, I was not able to :smiley:, for screenshots just visit the Google Play Store then.)

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