Have multiplayer spawn only affect certain players?

Godot Version



For multiplayer synchronizers I can set visibility so that it isn’t syncing data for certain players. For some reason, there doesn’t seem to be any option to do this for multiplayer spawners. Am I incorrect in saying you cannot, or do they just not have this functionality? I can pretty easily replace the functionality of a multiplayer spawner with pretty simple code in a manner that lets me send it to only specific clients, but it would still make my life easier and my code simpler if I was able to do it through multiplayer spawner nodes, hence why I ask.


You could put some data in the name and when it spawns on the client you don’t wish to spawn delete it immediately.

Or play some funny business with the scene trees and allow some errors saying it can’t find the corresponding path on a client that has no “visibility”.

I think a custom spawner is the way forward. Its actually pretty simple to replicate. You could also maybe hijack the custom_spawn function to do what you want maybe.