Help animating 2d body parts/ multiple sprite components

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Hello fellow godoters,

I have a question im struggling to find the answer for, im sure it’s been asked before but was unable to get any results by typing what i thought might be the right terms into the search box/ google/ youtube etc. I just dont know the correct term for this.

I want to make a 2d character with multiple sprites which relate to different body parts. IE head, legs, arms, body.

My character is a wizard so my intention is to hopefully set up the character to say when he’s moving, all body parts are playing the run animation but say if he wanted to cast a spell while he was running the arms could switch to a cast animation while the legs continue to move/ hair keeps swaying in the wind then once the cast is complete the arms continue with the running animation in sync with the remaining body parts.

If anyone could provide any advice/ youtube links/ articles etc where someone has done something similar that would be amazing.

Struggling to wrap my head around this one and I feel it will make my gameplay much smoother.


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Do you mean using a Skeleton2D or just some independent composable sprites?

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independent composite sprites

Then all you need to do is draw all the possible poses for each part and tell godot which to use when.
Your character can be a scene with a Node2D root and several Sprite2D children. Then you just swap which texture each sprite points to each frame. The magic is in how you design the spritesheet so the dfferent animations play nice with each other.