Help me design a wave function collapse system

Hello fellow GameDevs. I am looking to create tools for my games implementing the WaveFunctionCollapse Algorithm for some procedural generation. I generally understand how it works and already managed to make a prototype, but I don’t know how to build an efficient system to create more complex interactions.

Goals & Motivation
I want to create a tool that enables me to create procedural content similar to this video.

  • Turning block outs into procedural houses with decorations and props
  • Tools to place proc gen items in the world
  • Combine several layers of WFC


  • How would this WFC be structured to be versatile enough for different use cases?
  • How can I combine multiple rules in one generation? (house + props)
  • What is the best way to design rules and store them?
  • How would the general workflow look like when working with such tools?

Thanks for your ideas and input.