Help with 3d graphics, super beginner, probably a lot of questions

Godot Version

Godot 4.2.1


Just a background on me, I’m a digital painter who’s just getting into this gamedev thing, it’s been quite the learning spree haha.

I’ve made some concept art for what I’m aiming for below:

I learned the basics of blender years ago and have so far come up with this:

Obviously a far cry from what i’m going for haha. Everything looks so sterile and dead. I think I’m at the point where I know most of how to make 3d assets, but I don’t know how to make those into the art i’m going for. Would shaders fix my problem? Or am I missing some other fundamental of 3d? I can see the image i’m trying to make I just have no idea how to get there.

One more question: How far should I take things in blender before moving things over to Godot for the actual game? Like once everything is modeled and textured is that the time to move over to the actual game engine? Or are there more things that should be done in blender first?

Sorry for the super noob questions, if you’ve made it this far thanks so much for your time

I think most of what you are asking for, is stuff related to Blender and 3D modeling, I’m sure there are other forums and places with people with more knowledge and experience with Blender that can help you with that.

But I suggest you to learn about 3D lighting, image composition, and texturing, which are topics just as important as modeling itself. Just keep practicing and you will improve!

No easy answer for this, as every user and every project is different, so there’s no general rule for when you should move things to Godot. Usually developers export every different game prop (table, cup, bottle…) and bring each of them separately into the engine. Then they compose the scene and lighting using the engine’s tools.

Usually that’s different for things like terrains or making level layouts, as developers usually don’t take the whole level straight out of Blender, but make it in the engine with the engine tools. For example, Godot has CSG for prototyping levels.

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