Help with FastNoiseLite and Instantiate

Godot Version:
Godot 4.2

Hi , i make a premise, i am new to godot 4 and programming in general but i’m having alot of fun learning it.
I’m making a project with my friend and it is a finite world strategy survival type of game.
At the moment i’ve a world generation based on FastNoiseLite, not full random , i’m keeping it static to make the learning process more smooth.

I’ve a similar working function:

func _world():
for x in range(-width/2, width/2 ):
for y in range(-height/2, height/2):
var noise_val :float = noise.get_noise_2d(x,y)
var nature_noise_val :float = nature_noise.get_noise_2d(x,y)

		if noise_val < - 0.2 and nature_noise_val > 0.9:  # ocean
			world_tilemap.set_cell(env_layer, Vector2i(x,y), source_id_0, nature_noise_atlas_arr.pick_random())
		if noise_val > - 0.2 :  #  water...

and so on for every layer or biome.

I have a set noises for the ground tiles , another one for the trees and another one for the rocks(or resources).

It’s working fine and it’s funny too.
I’ve made many images in the tilemp and every time i start the project the map is the same but the nature and small variables make the world feel full and almost alive. Every time in different ways since the arrays have many Vector2i coordinates.

In my tilemap i have rocks, grass, flowers, and trees but recently i wanted to learn how to instantiate them using that same noise as coordinates, or know if it is possible. Expecially for the resource gathering system.

I can do it using the tilemap but i wanted to learn how to spawn scenes, i need that also after for mobs and other tings.

It’s not random for the whole map but localized between a set noise value from the specific noise value.

As example if i have this and the correct preload of the scene like resource.tscn

if world_noise_val > 0.25 and resource_noise_val > 0.15
" ? " …

The first part is to avoid the placemente of the resource for example in the ocean , the second part is basically the density of the resources in the allowed area.

What’s the correct command or way to make the generator instantiate that current scene, at noise places , that many times ,using FastNoiseLite ?

Any help is very, very much appreciated.
Thanks in advance!