High-graphic games & Godot

Greetings, fellow developers! I’m a Unity newbie making my first appearance into Godot for a project. In my previous Unity exp, I utilized C# and utilised graphic architectures like Unity’s HDRP and URP for high-resolution textures.

Now, I find myself in need of compatibility with high-res textures in Godot. I’ve come across conflicting opinions about Godot being primarily for 2D games, and I’m unsure about whether making the switch or not. Can anyone share their experiences or insights on whether it’s feasible to achieve the visual fidelity I’m aiming for in Godot, particularly with graphic architectures similar to Unity’s HDRP or URP?

For context, here’s the visual standard I’m aiming for:





I’m particularly interested in whether Godot 4.2, the latest release at the time of writing, supports or facilitates achieving similar results. Any insights or advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you to everyone taking the time to read and respond.

While I am personally not knowledgeable/capable enough to tell you how to achieve that, I don’t see any reason why that can’t be done with Godot if you are able to do it with Unity, as I think Godot has all the necessary foundation.

My game’s visible terrain, though not nearly as nice looking as those pictures, is 251,000 vertices comprising 500,000 triangles, and it runs very smoothly on my desktop and Quests (2 and 3). I would think (but I might be wrong) the rest would be shaders, textures, occlusions, and lighting/atmosphere.

My bottom line opinion is yes, I think Godot can do that.

Here’s a selection of Godot demo scenes. (I am sorry, I’m having a hard time using this forum.) Yeah, these graphics are possible.


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