Host-Based Lan and port-forwarded Internet Multiplayer

Godot Version

Godot 4.2.1 (As of now latest)


New to development with Godot and I want to make a multiplayer game. My current game is turn based so latency is much less of an issue and reliability is paramount to avoid any de-syncs.

The game would work best with one instance of the game being the host and having up to 3 remote players join. As the game would work solo, the information transferred would be pretty simple with the remote players sending information on game activities performed on their turn and having game state updates transferred through the host. Real time representation of actions wouldn’t be strictly necessary.

The first goal is to have the game work over LAN and a more advanced, but perhaps not too much more complicated than just port forwarding through a user’s router, goal of having the game work over the internet.

I tried to keep my scope as small as possible for a first networking project as while I have worked with single user applications I haven’t dipped my toes into anything network related so I designed the game with an approach that hopefully uses a simple networking setup of updating the game state at every turn roll over when the host receives the go ahead from every current player.

Things I am requesting with this post:
Godot networking documentation links
Any tutorials on basic networking with the Godot engine
Information on port forwarding with Godot applications
Details on C++ implementation and inheritance of networking methods in the Godot engine(If this exists that would be great as I am more familiar with this language)

Any and all help / discussion / suggestions / notes of experience / advice / links are very much appreciated!

Hello there!
My friend and I are also in the middle of multiplayer development for our game and my friend found this link that we have used for our implementation:

The post isn’t targeted for turn-based games, but we have still gotten a lot of help for our turn-based combat game. We would recommend you check it out.
Best of luck!

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