How can i recreate the battle system in this video

Godot Version



(Specifically the enemies attack) How can i recreate this battle system? Im looking for a basic explanation like if i were to say “how do i make a platformer” the answer would be “Make a script that moves the player to the left and right if you press different keys and make a key to jump, and also make a tilemap for the level.” Im looking for that kind of basic explanation.
Video is from a game called Astromeda

My suggestion would be to have a “FightManager”-Scene that holds two scenes:
“TurnBasedFight” and “InteractiveFight” and as soon as one of those children is done with their part, the FightManager saves the current data and hides this scene whilst showing the other scene with the updated data and the same thing vice versa

Thanks! That helps a lot but i meant how would i make the attack the enemy does with the hammer

I think (and that’s how I would try to make it myself), the lightning beam/hammer/enemy is just a trigger zone/collider with animation. And when the player character touches either of those, they receive damage and, maybe, become invulnerable for a couple of frames

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