How can I use _intergrate_forces while only having a reference to the Rigidbody?


How can I use _integrate_forces in another script that has a reference to the rigidbody?

To explain a bit more, I am trying to make an “instant” physics-based grab system, where the picked up object is locked to a grab point but still reacts to collisions and physics, so it wouldn’t go through walls and stuff and I was suggested to use _intergrate_forces to change the position of the object, but that is a rigidbody exclusive.

No, it is a physics object exclusive like you said.

I would deploy a spring joint and connect it to the rigidbody. The hand could be a any other physics body. When you move the hand and global position doesn’t work, you can get the physics body direct state from the physics server and modify it however you want.

The physics server has lots of things you can control for a physics body.

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