How do i begin?

I’m an inexperienced programmer with ADHD who wishes to gain more experience In the field. I was told by multiple coworkers that game design was a good place to start, and it’s a long standing goal of mine to write a book or make a game. Since graduating high-school, I’ve held on to this goal in the hopes that medication could help to a limited degree. Now that I’m medicated I’m putting two and two together results in this post today, so here is my question to the experienced GD script users on a he platform:
How do I begin?
I want to start creating but can’t sit through the long hours of repetitive open source code sheets.
Any advice?

decide what kind of game you like to make or wished to make, and find a tutorial for that, it will be much quicker to learn that way since you liked it, also yeah depends on how good the tutorial is too, but if it’s free tutorial and you are still inexperienced, anything will do


If you’re going to skip the art creation and just use pre-made assets then I recommend starting with tutorials that preferably come with assets. If you’re planing on crafting your own assets, I highly recommend getting to know Blender first.

The skills you will develop by getting competent with Blender will serve you well in game development in general.

If you want to just get your feet wet on game design…

Heart Beast is a fairly good place to start for beginner tutorials as his style is not too wizardly in terms of coding. Regardless of your skill level in coding, running through a few tutorials will help you get a feel for the engine.

There are loads of other good tutorials out there as well on YouTube. You can even buy some on places like Udemy if you don’t mind spending some money (recommend waiting for a special on the course you want, as many of them are over priced IMO)

Also, your likely going to have to temper your ADHD because game development has a LOT of boring grindy parts to it. Learning to sit down for hours and focus on one thing is one of the most valuable skills to learn/develop if you want to be successful.

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Sup, middle-aged ADHD dev here. My ADHD was a superpower when I was younger; now it’s a major weakness. I can relate to both for sure.

Learning through doing is definitely best, question is “doing what?” I’d recommend finding courses online that teach through doing. gdscript is most similar to Python, so any course that catches your eye in Python is great. Just google around.

If you want to detour and learn Swift/iOS, is great, I’ve used it years ago.

Once you feel you have just enough programming/general software architecture knowledge to start a simple game project, then start w/e in Godot. But I’d still spend part of your day doing courses/reading a few pages of a book/etc. The key with ADHD (though it’s hard to recommend one formula that fits everyone) is to not only do one thing.

So I’d try to do 30 mins of a course. Then maybe think about your game. Then read a few pages of any book on game design patterns or general programming patterns. Go back to the course. Etc. Every page you read, every pattern you learn, every bit of course you do gives you a mini-tool or mini-superpower you can apply in your game.

In the end, ofc, what works for you will only be found by trial and error. Good luck and have fun, young padawan! Holler if you need any help.

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