How do I control the exported file structure?

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I’m using a third party library in my game (FMOD). The library loads sounds from a master file named during runtime. To load the sounds, I must provide a path to the master file. This works fine in the editor, but I have trouble getting it work in the exported game:

I have added a filter to the export settings in Godot so that .bank files are included. However, the file is then included in the .pck resource file of my game, and doesn’t exist as an actual file in the file system.

What’s the recommended way to solve this? Does Godot offer such export functionality or should I manually copy the files after the export with a custom script? Extracting the .bank files during runtime from the .pck files might also be possible, but sounds like unnecessary extra steps and a waste of disk space.

Similarly, the libraries (.dll on Windows or .dylib on macOS) should probably not be part of the .pck. On my current development machine running macOS, the exported game contains the executable binary at, and as far as I understand, libraries should go to

I’m new to Godot, so any tips would really help me out, whether they’re high-level overviews or technical details. Learning all these different parts at once is kinda overwhelming. Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face: