How do I create a tilemap/tileset from a bunch of individual images?

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I’m trying to import a bunch of individual images into an Atlas in order to create a tileset but seem to be hitting a wall as to how the interface works or if what I’m trying to do is even possible.

I’ve created a TileMap node, and then created a new TileSet and set it up correctly.

If i drag all the images assets across I can create what I think is an Atlas. Each image has a separate ID number. Each tile can be then selected individually and it will appear to the right in the main area of the TileSet Window.

That’s about it. I can’t select the tile to paint with it in the main window, I can’t interact with the image to create a tile, I can’t seem to do anything with them.

Ultimately, I would like to be able to create a tilesheet with all the images I need so I can them paint with them, create auto-terrain, etc.

I’ve seen it done in an old tutorial for Godot 3 but I understand they changed the interface for Godot 4 and there just doesn’t seem to be any info/vids/tutorial about working with individual images as tiles in this latest version.

Please help!

Can I tilesheet be created from individual images in Godot 4?
Is this even possible?
What is the workflow for this?

Make sure you’re in the TileMap tab at the bottom whenever you want to paint onto the TileMap

If you want to create a single Tilesheet then go to the TileSet tab, and there click the 3 Dots and click Open Atlas Merging Tool

There you can Shift Select all the seperate images and generate a single sheet with all the individual images


Thank you so much for the response.
After I read it I went back and checked the official documentation and did find reference to the Atlas Merge feature there. I suppose I missed it in all the noise of not really knowing what to look for.

Thanks again :slight_smile: