How do I do parametric animation?

Godot Version



So, I want to do animations using springs that are controllable with variables. For instance, run animations, that can go left, right, up down, yes - but suppose I want for each of the character’s head to look up, down, left, right independent of the body direction? I don’t want to have to make 16 different animations for each run cycle - and what if I want to add a blink, or a smile? Suddenly the permutations explode into total intractability.

How do I go about tying animation parameters together?

You can do that using the Blend2 node in AnimationTree. You can have a walk animation as a base an blend a ‘look around’ animation to it that will only affect the neck / head bones while the rest of the body keeps doing the walking anim.
And you can blend a blink anim on top of it that’ll only affect the eyes and so on…

Can you recommend a tutorial or the like for the specific feature you have in mind? I remember toying with the animation tree and having trouble solving this problem.