How do i learn to code in gdscript

I cant find any youtube series tutorials and any easy to understand websites

Learn Code From Zero by GDQuest is a good starting point for someone who doesn’t have any programming experience: Learn to Code From Zero with Godot

Other GDQuest tutorials are also good: Learn to Code · GDQuest

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hold on i tried it and it like just gives me puzzles on irrelevant stuff, what i meant was learning api’s and stuff (if a block touches another block or like a wait function)

I liked this video a lot - it goes over a bunch of common ways to accomplish basic stuff (such as detecting when objects collide with each other). The examples are 2D, but it all applies just as well for 3D games.

For learning Godot API there is no better place than the official documentation:

im lost, i cant really find the apis like a wait function or an event when a block is touched… how do i traverse this

ps: i dont mean these exact apis they were just examples

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