How do I make a simple inventory?

Godot Version



Hello. In my game, I decided to make inventory, and I even got something (inventory was on nodes), but it was a failure, everything is too cumbersome. Please tell me how to make an inventory, and not too complicated? ((((I also tried plugins, but it gives an error, or/and the library is just too complicated).

Inventories are very open ended systems so we can’t help without knowing way more (post code said cumberson scripts/scene tree). Figure out exactly what you want and check out some tutorials along the way. You’ll certainly test your data structures knowledge as Arrays and Dictionarys are staples.

That’s a good video to start yourself on inventory implementation. This is one way to do it, but definitely not the only way.


Thanks! Now I’m still making inventory, trying to figure it out along the way, and unfortunately, I won’t be able to show you what I’ve got, at least not now.

Hello, I decided to share what I got. Here is the link —> I'm trying to create an RPG (I know it sounds silly)