How do I use a saved animation resource?

Godot Version

v4.1.1.stable.official [bd6af8e0e]


I import my animations from blender as .glb. I can see them in the importer.

I want to add a “Call Method Track” to the animation, in doing so I am presented with this error in the animation viewport:

This animation belongs to an imported scene, so changes to imported tracks will not be saved.
To modify this animation, navigate to the scene’s Advanced Import settings and select the animation.
Some options, including looping, are available here. To add custom tracks, enable “Save To File” and “Keep Custom Tracks”.

So I do what it says and I now have my animation .res file:


What do I do with this file? I can’t seem to edit it in the animation viewport, I can’t seem to add it to my animation tree, I can’t seem to add the call method track like I can when it is an “Imported scene”. How do I save my Call Method Track keyframes and load up this resource in my animation tree?

I think you are supposed to open the reimported scene where AnimationPlayer now should already reference this editable .res animation . The process appears to differ from 3.5 a little but it should work.