How do we get Godot to export the dylib/so files when using the debug/run on Android button in the top right?

My libraries aren’t being exported and it is not clear why. I get this cursed error no matter what I try.

No suitable library found for GDExtension: res://polla-gui.gdextension. Possible feature flags for your platform: mobile, android, etc2, astc, arm32, arm64, template, debug, template_debug

I’ve read this and its no clearer to me:

I have tried editing the “feature flags” in my .gdextension file to every possible permutation of android, debug, template_debug, arm64, and tried just throwing every possible combination I can imagine in there:

entry_symbol = "gdext_rust_init"
compatibility_minimum = 4.1
reloadable = true

macos.arm64 = "res://lib_polla_aarch64-apple-darwin_release.dylib"
android.arm64 = "res://"
android.armeabi-v7a = "res://"

macos.debug.arm64 = "res://lib_polla_aarch64-apple-darwin_debug.dylib"
android.debug.arm64 = "res://"
android.debug.armeabi-v7a = "res://"

macos.template_debug.arm64 = "res://lib_polla_aarch64-apple-darwin_debug.dylib"
android.template_debug.arm64 = "res://"
android.template_debug.armeabi-v7a = "res://"

macos.template_release.arm64 = "res://lib_polla_aarch64-apple-darwin_release.dylib"
android.template_release.arm64 = "res://"
android.template_release.armeabi-v7a = "res://"

On the Export panel/window, I have tried every possible permutation of “Feature flag” string in the Export box, including “no text” in the box

Should there be anything in the “feature flags” string/text box? Or does Godot add them itself while building? What even is the point of the “feature flags” box?

What are the correct things to put in the actual .gdextension file, I have seen a few different variations of what can go in there. I’ve even tried just throwing all the possible variations I have seen into the file:

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