How to add animations .tres to Animation Player (gui tool) programmatically?

Godot Version 3.5


Hello, I’m wondering if I can load some animations .tres at same time programmatically to Animation Player (gui tool)?

I know animation are resources, I did read some documentations, I didn’t find anything related to ‘load to AnimationPlayer tool (gui)’. I have a lot of animations with extension .tree (file extension) in the FileSystem (res://…) and I would like to load or add them to the Animation Player tool programmatically if possible.


I have share a image of the Animation Player tool, it shows the controls or managment controls. I would like to load tons of animations resources (.tres) by that way programmatically if possible.

Just to clarify, I have upload an image of the load button of Animation Player tool. I would like to use that load way, but programmatically.

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