How to change or remove focus stroke in UI

Godot Version

Godot 3.5.3


how to change the color or even remove the blue focus stroke in UI, I tried to change its color or remove it in the theme editor, but I didn’t find anything about it there, please tell me.

and in order not to create a new topic, I also wanted to know where you can change the texture of the top of the WindowDialog?

change to empty


and the area by which you can grab and drag a window is not controlled in any way?
for example, make this area larger or smaller, I changed the texture itself, but the mouse does not work in this area

And one more question =D
I made the window exclusive, but other interface nodes, all windows, become inoperable until you close the window, how can I solve this?

set this to your likings, can also set it from editor’s theme’s constant value