How to create a background loading screen in godot 3

How to create a background loading screen in godot 3

Just do it like you would if you were to transition a level to a different level.
For example:
1.You enter an area 2D and transition to the loading screen
2. Once the loading screen bar reaches 100%, just transition to the level you want to transition to. You need to work with signals and functions for both of them.

Sorry for me not providing any code, once I get home I will try to send you the code resources

how can that solve my problem. I have a big map and many objects in the scene which takes time to load but if I made a loading screen that way than after loading finishes I will get a blank scene until my scene loads.

So I need a background loading system. Like when I press button to transition from one screen to another and the blank screen appears until the scene gets loaded and I want that loading screen should appear on the top of that blank screen and should get hide when scene gets loaded.

Did you understand what I try to explain?

Now I understand.
Unfortunately, this is beyond my skill level, so I don’t think that I could help you here.
Still good luck on solving the issue

This is a pretty common use case when making games and there are a lot of online resources about it, I would start with those first :slight_smile:.

Let me know if you have specific places you’re getting stuck in the process and I can take a look.

Edit: I see you’re using Godot 3, I think that similar principles should apply

This was the exact tutorial I was following and this was working fine untill I added a pause menu. this is the demo I created using this and look how it went …

This is a very rough demo and “Node2D.tscn” is the main scene and green scene is just a normal scene and loading screen will appear after pressing the button in green scene then you will get into red scene than press “ESC” to bring the pause menu and the first button is to return to the first scene and the second button is to reload the current scene

If you have time please take a look at this and tell me what I am doing wrong and how to fix the issue