How to download nightly builds?

Is there a way to download a binary of the latest master branch? I checked the Downloads section but I’m only able to find links to stable and release candidate builds. There used to be an unofficial page managed by Hugo Locurcio but it is discontinued now:

Any ideas other than building it myself?

You may be able to download the binary artifacts of the latest completed Github workflows.

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Note that GitHub Actions requires logging in to GitHub to download. If you don’t have an account, paste the link to the artifact in

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Here’s a link to latest master build:

Thanks for all the replies. Although I found that the nightly link does not list the normal Linux editor build. It only shows mono. Why is that?

This is because our GitHub Actions build matrix has to be limited, so it can complete in a reasonable amount of time without using up too much CI concurrency. At the same time, we need to cover as many combinations as possible (such as Mono builds, 2D-only builds, double-precision builds, …) so certain platforms are only available in certain variants.

There are plans to have a proper nightly build system in the future, but I can’t give an ETA as it’s a lot of work to ensure it can be done for all platforms in a manner that’s consistent with official releases.