How to drop files of assets in github from YT tutorials to my godot file manager in my game project?

Godot v 4.0

i’m following the YT tutorial b Coding with russ named beginner godot tutorial make flappy bird in 12 minutes and he has his assets in github. i tried to drag and drop the asset file from github to my file area in my project manager and it doesn’t let me do that. this is an on going issue i have when i try to get assets from either github, or my own that i made on asesprite. i’ve only gotten it to work once on a different tutorial and dont know what i did or how to do it. I know people can do it so i was wondering if anyone could help me

GitHub is a website. So if you drag and drop, the thing you’re dragging is just a link, not the file itself.

Instead of dragging and dropping, try downloading the whole git repository. There should be a green button labeled “Code”. Click that, then select “Download ZIP”.

okay thank you very much!

i managed to find the download zip and did that and now have the files. now how do i move those into my filesystem on my godot project?

im moving the asset file and it shows a circle with the line (as in wont work) and when i move the entire file it shows the cursor with the dotted box with the box with a plus in the corner of the dotted box. when i let go of it in the filesystem on godot it does nothing. do i need to start my project with the asset file already saved with it or no? i’m so confused.

Simply move files from the downloaded folder into the folder of your godot project. Use your regular Windows folders or Finder folders (if on Mac) to move files, not Godot editor. The moment Godot editor window becomes active again (or when you open the project), it will auto-recognize new files and import them into the project for you.