How to enable output messages for resources that are being loaded? (verbose stdout)

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The docs say that enabling verbose stdout displays “which scenes and resources are being loaded” and I’m pretty sure it worked earlier when I had it enabled but now it doesn’t? Enabling verbose stdout only shows more information about my device, shaders and WASAPI. Have I accidentally toggled some other setting that disables messages about which resources are being loaded? Restarting the editor does not help.

Edit. I tried enabling verbose stdout in Godot 3.5 and it printed “Loading resource: <resource_path>” for each loaded resource when running the project. Then I created a new project in 4.2.2 and tried enabling verbose stdout but it didn’t work.

Edit2. Still no solution. I also tried it in Godot 4.3 beta3 and on my other computer but I can’t make it work. There’s not a lot of information on how the feature should even work so I’m not sure if I’ve misunderstood something or if this is a bug. I feel like it should print something else too, besides the standard ~50 lines. Maybe I should open an issue on Github…

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