How to export project from a dev Godot build?

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Hi. I cannot figure out how to export a project from a development build of Godot, more specifically - where to obtain the export templates.
With a development build on project export the templates are not available, and the ones from the latest stable version (4.2.1) do not work (I’ve tried renaming the folder into after installing the stable templates, so they got picked up, but export failed).
If it matters, my platform is macOS, and I’m trying to export a project for iOS.

Thank you!

They’re available for specific builds, like 4.3.dev5, otherwise you’ll have to build them yourself

I see, thank you, and is there any chance you could point me to the instructions how to build them myself, please? Unfortunately can’t find those.

Here’s the documentation to compile the engine Building from source — Godot Engine (stable) documentation in English

Oh indeed, on the third re-read I’ve found the bit about templates, thanks a lot for help!