How to fade in/out CanvasLayer nodes?

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I’m making fade in/out animations for scene transitions, everything fades in or out correctly if I change the alpha of the module property of the root scene node, everything but the two CanvasLayer nodes that contain my HUD and Menu Control nodes. They don’t fade in nor out.
I tried wraping the Control nodes inside the CanvasLayer nodes in a CanvasModulate node or a ColorRect node, but it didn’t help, the Control nodes are still unaffected by changing the modulate property of the root node of my scene. Can anyone think of a solution for it, please?

it only modulate the child of its own
since canvas layer is basically creating new canvas, in that canvas layer first child, make a control node, then drag all of your current canvas layer nodes inside that new control node
change the new control node modulate to something, it should modulate it

or you can easily use CanvasModulate node and put it as a child of this CanvasLayer node
change the color property of the CanvasModulate, it should modulate the canvas layer

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Yeah, I think there is no other solution than animating them separately…