How to get app usage data

Godot Version

I have not started the project yet, I will use whatever version suites my needs best.


I want to make an app that can track the usage of other apps on a mobile device, the aim is to make an app to help people who want to get off their devices (phones in specific). How can I do this in godot or do I need to find another way to do this? I want to make it for both apple and android, and then later once it takes off open source it so other people can improve it and make it for a wider audience.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Kind regards, Esus

Godot engine does not have it. On Android, special authorisations are required for this, such system functions are only available to certain trusted companies that develop drivers, for example. I wanted to read the system logs on Android, used to be possible, now root rights are probably necessary.

And I am guessing that apple would be even stricter?

Oh Yes :slight_smile: