How to make a big terrain in Godot?

I want to create a terrain in Godot like a island, similar to ARK Survival. I looked tutorials but, they are not so satisfying and confusing.

First of all, be free to give lots or a single idea to make terrains in godot. There’s an idea of using megascan models instead of sculpting on blender. And use realistic photos, then change texture; this will help with making the game less heavy.

Are you asking about the underlying logic of loading a grid of terrain grids, or the way to set the height of a grid using a heightmap, or the way to import a terrain mesh from blender to godot, or something else? Be more specific on what your requirements are and maybe split your question into bullet points for clarity if you need several different things.

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Thanks for your answer. My question is how to make a terrain in general, but I have some ideas from youtube videos. There’s a doubt that I want to clarify. What’s best to make a big terrain map without making the game heavy? If I use megascan models, will it become heavy? How do you do it -if you have done it-? That’s all for now.

Well, it depends on what you’re doing with the terrain, but since you seem to want it to feel big, I’ll suggest you want to start with a heightmap of the whole thing, split it into smaller squares, then load those squares as the player moves around. You may have seen this at work in Minecraft.

You could have the squares be meshes made in blender, or you could use the heightmap texture to alter a grid mesh at runtime. There’s not much difference in performance, but both have different drawbacks to what they let you do in your game, so you gotta design what your game is first.

As for how “heavy” the game is, usually most of the filesize of a game is the music. Unless you have like a gigabyte of mesh data, don’t worry too much about the file size.

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Have you ever tried this Godot extension?