How to make a child node appear in front of another?

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Hi! I’m a newcomer to programming and to Godot, having worked with Unity for the past 4 years (no coding though). I started taking the Learn GDScript From Zero lessons but wanted to start making something resembling a game alongside it. I found this tutorial for drag and drop that seemed to do what I needed and followed it; I only had to make minor changes for godot 4. I also didn’t do the last part because I don’t want my sprites to point in the direction they’re moving, but I believe this shouldn’t affect the overall effectiveness. It worked alright. The issue is that if I leave the dropping zones visible, the object I’m dragging will disappear under them when I’m testing. If I make them invisible all is fine, I drag and drop the object in the place I more or less know the dropzone is. I tried reordering the children nodes in the scene and putting the draggable object first like I would do with a layer in photoshop, but it didn’t change a thing. I suppose this has to do with the tutorial not taking Godot 4 into consideration but I couldn’t find anything about this in the comments, nor could I find other sources talking about this. I probably lack the knowledge of the proper names for things, sorry about that.

PS: I’m more than willing to try other methods of doing the whole drag and drop thing, I used this one because it seemed easy to follow and efficient.

Thank you for your help!

a few things would probably work you could either set it to top level or turn off show behind parent
Screenshot 2024-06-04 174246

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I’ll try that! The dropping zones are not parents, though, they’re all siblings. But I’ll check it out and see if it helps! Thank you!

It worked! Thank you so much! <3