How to make a Scene(Node3D) follow a PathFollow3D that it is on another scene

Godot Version

v4.2.1.stable.official [b09f793f5]
Linux - Pop! OS 22.04


Hello everyone!
I’m a little stuck on this and unfortunately I don’t have much free time to tinker on my own. So I’m here to ask for some help, please.

  • I have my Main Scene where I instantiate different scenes (UI, Level, Player, Enemies).
  • I then created a Level that has a Path3D → PathFollow3D → RemoteTransform3D.
  • Another scene is my Player, a simple Node3D → MeshInstance3D.

In the script on my Main Scene I set the RemoteTransform property remote_path to my player path.
I then update the progress_ratio of my PathFollow3D. However my player doesn’t update its position and/or rotation.

Even if I change the Remote Path on the Runtime tab to the player, or other node/scene the PathFollow doesn’t update their position.

I didn’t find anyone else describling this problem, so I believe I overlooked something. Any help is appreciated.

P.S.: Here is a minimal reproduction example of this ‘problem’. Simple Example - GDrive

The NodePath assigned to RemoteTransform.remote_path is not correct. It needs to be relative to the RemoteTransform3D path as explained in the documentation.

You can use Node.get_path_to() for that. It should be something like remote3D.remote_path = remote3D.get_path_to(player) where player is the Player node.

Thanks. I don’t know why it didn’t seem obvious to me that the path would be wrong.