How to make inherited scenes with different 3D models?

Godot Version

Godot 4.1.1


Currently I am making a game with different kinds of physics objects. For example, you may have boxes, barrels, explosives, etc. For each of these objects, I want a unique 3D model, but I also want all of them to be inherited from a root physics_objects scene. However, I am having trouble making the inherited scenes have different 3D models.

Right now I am trying to use code to instantiate given models using @export, however, this seems problematic as then, you can’t actually see the models until the game is ran. It also seems like a clunky solution.

So, what is the best, cleanest way I can handle this?

Additional Notes:

-I am using .glb files imported from blender.
-I am relatively new to Godot.
-Any help is appreciated, thank you in advance!

Add the 3D models as children in the inherited scene. Root physics would be it’s own scene without any visuals, right click and select “new inherited scene” as usual, then add the 3D model to it.

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Oh shoot, I thought that I had tried that and failed, due to something being wrong dragging the scenes into the level, or b/c the nodes in the inherited scene would populate in the root one. Either way, I guess I was doing something wrong, thank you!