How to remove Axis Red Lines in godot

I set an anchor for my label and the red lines still are here. Is there a way to remove them?

image (6)

Try toggling the various options in the View menu at the top of the 2D editor viewport.

I’m not sure on which one it would be as I tried toggling them all but it did nothing.

Setting an anchor shouldn’t actually spawn any lines. :thinking:

To me, it looks like you created two guide lines, in which case you should be able to clear them in the View menu by clicking “Clear guides”?

This looks like smart snapping guides. They sometimes bug out and stay. Moving the snapped control or reloading the scene helps in such cases.

I think it might be anchors. I am not sure though. I don’t use smart snap, but I do use grid snap. I also tried using “Clear guides” and it did nothing.