How to render an outline around 3D objects?

Godot Version



So I looked at different shaders and posts for how to create an outline around a 3D object in scene, but none of those seem to work well.

What is the go-to method for creating outlines for 3D objects right now? Is there any?

Basically this if for marking 3D object in the scene as interactable when the player gets close to them.

I have been wanting to do this myself and was looking at these shaders . Whats wrong with them Clean pixel perfect outline via material - Godot Shaders

I tried something, have a look here

So they all had different kind of issues, basically they work well in isolation but don’t exactly work well with other objects in the scene. That is why I am wondering if there is a go-to solution.

Ah nice, will have a look and give you feedback.

I was thinking around the lines of rending objects to a viewport and doing the outline in 2D, too. Especially, since I already have a nice 2D outline shader from our previous game.