How to replicate Zero Sievert style bullets?

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Like the title says, I’d like to know how to replicate Zero Sievert’s fast tracer bullets such as you see in the trailer.

I of course ran into the obvious. Physics object bullet is too small and fast. It also looked awful. I tried to do my DD and look for tutorials, but the closest thing I found was for 3d and in Unity.

I’m guessing I need to use a raycast instead of an actual moving object. Where I’m struggling is how to create good looking tracer lines. The distances at play are short, so they’d only be on screen for 1-3 frames. Should I use a particle2d or is there some other, better, method. I don’t have any experience with these sorts of effects, so any advice or guidance beyond “use X-node” would be greatly appreciated.

Maybe you can accomplish that using Line2D like this :

I know it’s for godot 3.5 but you certainly can translate it

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I have made a small project if you want.!AuoQaJlVBz6SlucvVHcPb1mdtC7obQ?e=bCq9ll


In addition to a Line2D as mentioned, you could also use a Sprite3D and just stretch it to match the distance between the gun and the bullet’s ending point. I’d use a simple 1px by 64px sprite with an alpha gradient, for example. Set it to billboard along the long axis and it should look pretty good.

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Hey, thank you so much. You’ve gone above and beyond with this. I managed to tweak the variables until I found what I wanted and the code was clear enough for me to understand how it worked.

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