How to reset anchor points/apply scale (UI)

Godot Version

v4.2.2.stable.official [15073afe3]


I wanted to make this ui bigger so I scaled it, Now I cant figure out how to center it. I’ve tried moving the anchors in editor but then it all resets when I click center.

Try to move the pivot, in the end of the layout/transform tab in properties, make it inventory_size/2, then center it so it will work

How do I do that when the object is scaled? The size stays the same

What does your mean by size? As you increase the scale, total size will be calculated as size*scale

Im not very knowledgeable with this stuff. Here’s a screenshot where its anchored top right. Maybe that’ll help, idk

Did you changed the scale of grid container?

Yes, I wanted all the slots to be bigger

Do not change the grid container`s scale, just change the scale of inventory ui

Like the root node?

Yes but if the inventory ui anchor is full rect then you can also increase the scale of slots instead of inventory ui or grid container

That worked, thanks!

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