How to scale plugin controls to look the same in 4k+ as 1080p?

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I have a 4k monitor and it makes using/making editor plugins/tools a lot harder because they appear as half the size on the 4k screen as they do on a more standard 1080. Any help would be appreciated!

Related, but no ideal solution:


Can you share the scene where these controls are defined?

Either way, this is a helpful page when designing UI for multiple resolutions. In your case, it seems the root node is not expanding properly to the whole region, and stays at the same size.

Hi, sorry, I stopped checking this after not getting a reply for several days. My current solution ended up being to check the screen resolution and double everything if it was closer to 4k than 1080, but I would still like a better approach. Here is the plugin with everything before I made the change that doubles everything: The problem with just fixing everything to expand(which I have since done), is that the text and buttons are still really small(Roughly half the size) when in 4k. Thanks for the response.