How to start with a 2D puzzler

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Hi! I’m in a small team (3) in a developers course, and we must create a game ASAP with Godot. The game we are going to make is a puzzler like the Code Game of W3Schools.

So I would apreciate some guidance: where or what keywords can I use in order to find any tutorial of this kind of game, perhaps. We are totally new in Godot.
Thank you in advance!

sounds like interesting project to do!
the game looks pretty basic, but more and more challenging as the level progress
there will need tilemap-ing, level generator, input gui handler, read input, possible movement/direction system.

other commands are probably quite basic to implement, but this one will probably make it more difficult to code

they has the loop code command, idk if you guys have to replicate it 100%

Thanks, zdrmlpzdrmlp!
We are gonna make some changes, but first we will replicate the basics you mentioned. I don’t think we will add the loop feature, but I hope we will have better understanding of the engine when we’ll face the complex stuff. I hope. :smiley:

I guess we will start this searching for Sokoban-like game tutorials. Any other advices?

sokoban is a good idea, but naturally most people learn by examples and see other people codes. also it seems like you have decided to go for godot 4, some tutorials are in godot 3, so beware to follow the tutorial like the version you have, especially if you are new to the engine.

Tilemap-ing is not necessary needed to create the 2d sokoban, as long as you know how to instantiate objects and there’s no pressure to optimize the game performance

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