How to test new mechanics?

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I’m using Godot to create my first game and after months of development, I finally realised I needed a sensible way to test new mechanics. Previously I’d just create a new enemy, feature, or mechanic in an existing scene, and then run that, but I recently switched to creating a basic scene for each mechanic.

For example, to test my new octopus enemy, I created the scene from the screenshot below, which allowed me to test the octopus with various other entities. However, if I do this for every different enemy or feature in the game, I’m going to end up with a lot of individual test scenes. Is there a better approach? What do people commonly do?

And also, given I’ve now got about 40 simple test scenes, is there an easy way to exclude them when I export a build? It’d be great to keep them in the directory and have a compilation flag to exclude them, but I’m struggling to see how to do that.

When exporting, in the Resources tab of the selected preset, you can choose which scenes, resources, and non-resources files you want to export and you can also exclude files and folders.

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Aw man, I didn’t even see those tabs, but that’s spot on. Thanks.