How to timers work? I'm very confused

Godot Version

v4.2.1.stable.official [b09f793f5]


I’m trying to make a countdown timer from 90 seconds and I’ve watched may tutorials online but I can’t get them to work right.

Here is the code I have so far from a tutorial I found:

extends Label3D

func _process(delta):
$Time_left.text = “%s” % $Timer.time_left

and I’m getting these errors

here are the nodes I’m working with


What am I doing wrong?

change to this

extends Label3D

func _process(delta):
	text = "%s" %$"../Timer".time_left

the quick reference with $ sign is routed from the script node where it belongs, or use an absolute path of /root/

you can also assign as a unique name first like this

then click,drag and drop the node with unique name into the script code to reference it from script

It seems that no matter what I do I keep getting the “Node not found” Error and crashes on run.

may i see your current label3d’s script code? (Time_left)

extends Label3D

func _process(delta):
text = “%s” %%“…/Timer”.time_left

extends Label3D

func _process(delta):
	text = "%s" % %Timer.time_left

I have no idea why this is not working when it should.

what the error said? because reference like this usually doesnt work most of the time, would be better to put the %Timer to @onready first with a variable name, then reference like that

the time_left property also is a float, so you want to convert it first by str()