How to use an image as one single tile

Godot Version

Godot 4.2.0


I’m a Godot and Aseprite user. I created art in a 32x32 format in aseprite and I want to import it in my game. However, the format proves to be too big for a single tile. How can I expand the tile to include the entire 32x32 image, if not, are there workarounds?

I believe this is part of the TileSet properties


What’s part? If you’re referring to Tile size, I’ve tried that, with it edits tile size, it doesn’t edit tile size on the tile sets, which just creates a distancing effect.

Could you show a screenshot of your issue?

As seen by the image, I have a sprite sheet, I want to use this sprite sheet block by block (For example I want to place the grass as a tile) but Godot splits the image unfavorably. How do I expand the tiles. (I’ve tried expanding the tileset as seen in tutorials, but it seems like Godot divides at it’s max length)

I believe your “Texture Region Size” is set to 1,1 inside the TileSet panel


Thanks, It’s currently 10:20 for me, so I’ll try this tomorrow

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