How to use meta sdk on Godot to put ads in my vr game?

Godot Version

4.2.2 ( the best version right now for xr)


Meta provides an SDK (software development kit) for OpenXR, which is what godot uses. With it you can have in game transactions and log in with meta etc… which is pretty much crucial for any vr game.

I have no idea how to use it though, the sdk can be downloaded here.

And here is a link to what im trying to do.

I have no idea how im supposed to integrate this I feel I would need a deeper understanding of how apks are packaged… Can anyone tell me how?

The in-app purchase integration is separate from the OpenXR API. It is a proprietary Meta specific API and thus not supported in the core features of Godot.

I don’t know for sure if anyone has done the work yet but basically it involves embedding the logic into a GDExtension and including it in your project. While I am not privy to the details, the work Meta contracted W4Games for was supposed to include support for various Meta SDKs and may thus include support for this, but that work is still ongoing.

Also Decasis build such a plugin: GitHub - decacis/godot_oculus_platform: An open-source implementation of the Oculus Platform SDK intended to be used with the Quest platform.
Looking briefly at the documentation it looks like he’s including in-app purchases, so I would recommend checking that out.