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I am making a game on a mobile. It is a client-server architecture with server hosted locally in my pc while the godot application is in my phone so i can see how its rendered there.

So far i was able to set my iis to able to access it from external device through the same connection. I am using port 80 so there isn’t any port number in url.
Now my url looks like http://ipv4adress/api/

Locally in my pc everything works fine but in my phone the result i am getting is RESULT_CANT_CONNECT.

Firstly i though there may be some issue with configuration of iis but the url works in my phone’s browser but not in the godot application.

Any help appreciated.

You’ve enabled the INTERNET permission in the export?

It wasn’t. I just tried to export with enabled Internet and it worked.
Thank you.

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It’s listed in the documentation for the class, should help generally