I am having issue with blackscreen in released apk in 4.2

Godot Version



i have game that workes fine on debug build but when i make it released apk it doesn’t work just gives black screen on android 11 or 10. but the fun thing is that i have another device android 13 which workes fine no matter if it is debug or released. i dont know what i am doing wrong. please someone help me. i am a beginner so i dont have good knowlegde of anything. its been a week trying to find solution on internet bbut nothing works.


I have the same issue. First build worked. All following builds end up with black screen after splash logo. I dont have an Android 13 device to test.

same except its a web build for me

I am 100% too late but for all other people later what caused blackscreen for me was ec2 not exporting one img correctly. error doesnt show it which si explained in the adnotation after you hover over enabling it in project settings. follow the instruction in the adnotation aka remove every imported img file and restart your project. if something wont load there it is, everything that caused this bs.
Hope it helps, I couldnt find anybody have the same exact problem as me so here we are a full day of troubleshooting. good luck to yall